Craft Beer and Cider

We rotate taps seasonally. Check back for new selections.

    • Craft Beer

      We rotate taps seasonally. Check back for new selections.

    • Farm Country IPA

      Farm Country IPA


      Farm Country Brewing, Langley
      6.5% | 60 IBU | Golden colour
      A no nonsense IPA; bursting with tropical fruit flavours and just the right amount of dankness. The addition of oats in the malt bill gives this beer a silky mouthfeel.

    • Four Winds Vélo Lemon Ale

      Four Winds Vélo Lemon Ale

      6.75 (16oz)

      Four Winds, Delta, BC
      4.5% | 45 IBU | Light blond hazy
      A hazy American Pale Ale conditioned with fresh lemon juice & pink Himalayan salt. Bright and bursting with citrus, Vélo, created to quench the perfect après cycle.

    • Honeycomb Pale Ale

      Honeycomb Pale Ale

      6.75 (16oz)

      Barnside Brewing Co., Ladner
      5.2% | Amber colour
      This pale ale is brewed with fresh local honey and lightly hopped with Cascade hops to produce crisp clean ale; not too heavy and very approachable.

    • Main Street Pilsner

      Main Street Pilsner

      6.75 (16oz)

      Main Street, Vancouver, BC
      5% | 22 IBU | Golden blonde colour
      Traditional Czech style pilsner; a medium bodied, crisp, clean lager, prominently featuring noble Czech Saaz hops.

    • Helles Lager

      Helles Lager

      6.75 (16oz)

      6.75 (16oz)
      Trading Post, Langley, BC
      5% | 21 IBU | Golden blonde colour
      Traditional German style lager; a light bodied, crisp and dry lager with low hop character.

    • Chase My Tail Pale Ale

      Chase My Tail Pale Ale

      6.75 (16oz)

      Yellow Dog Brewing, Port Moody
      5.2% | 50 IBU | Light gold colour
      West coast style pale ale; this well-balanced, hop forward ale has a hoppy aroma and smooth crisp after taste with hints of citrus, grapefruit, and lemon.

    • Hard Cider

    • Lonetree Apple Cider

      Lonetree Apple Cider

      6.25 (355ml)

      Lonetree Old Growth Orchard, Vancouver BC
      5.5% ABV | Golden straw colour
      Made from a tantalising blend of old world cider apples, such as Belle de Boskoop and Bramley, then fermented with crisp fresh table apples; MacIntosh, Spartan and Golden Delicious.

    • Other Hard Drinks

    • NUTRL Vodka Soda - Citron

      NUTRL Vodka Soda – Citron

      A super-simple-super-premium craft vodka soda made without sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. Simply craft vodka, sodium free carbonated water and natural flavours. No carbs. No sugar. No Sweetener. Only tree ingredients.


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